Real Estate Rewards Action

September 15th, 2008

After months of hesitating it is time for sellers and buyers to act.

Instead of continuing to hold their breath as they appeared to do again last month, sellers and buyers need to be proactive now in order to achieve success in spring, which given a range of favourable factors is promising to be a more positive period for the New Zealand real estate market.

As our group’s August statistics showed, last month sellers remained hesitant about putting their properties on the market, with the amount of exclusive listings coming forward being the lowest since December 2004.

Couple this with the number of total properties on hand falling for the fourth month in a row and written sales staying at similar levels for the last five months and you’re left with a situation where buyers are struggling to identify and secure what they want.

Add in interest rates cuts both here and internationally, the falling Kiwi dollar making investment in property in New Zealand even more attractive and moves by the US Government that have improved the outlook for the American economy and for global finance markets and we have a recipe that suggests more positive times ahead in the domestic real estate market.

Given all of this it’s high time sellers and buyers took action as whatever side of the equation people are on, the factors that influence our property market all point towards the first movers being the most successful.

Sellers who want to snatch the best of the spring buyer interest should be contacting their Sales Consultant now to get advice on how to get their property to stand out from the crowd of stale listings that have languished on the market over winter.  Buyers should also be upping their efforts – making sure they are working closely with sales consultants, getting email alerts from the major property web sites and re-looking at existing listings as sellers’ expectations may now be more in line with the market.

  1. A timely call to action. This is the kind of stuff I want to read. I’ll be referring my vendors and buyers to your post.

  2. Thanks for your comment Pearce, you win the prize as my first vocal visitor!

  3. Alister Eddington says:

    Great comments Bryan – I look forward to following your blog and the imput of others as it develops