A Brilliant Career in 2009- The Real Estate Industry

March 10th, 2009

Do you own a real estate business?

Are you an existing sales consultant?

Are you a property management specialist?

Are you just thinking about real estate as a career option?

Lots of questions but where do you go for answers to the big question, “What does it take to be one of the real successes in this industry?”

Or perhaps given the lack of self confidence that far too many New Zealanders’ suffer from perhaps the question should be “Can I make the grade or will I fail due to not having “something special?”

The reality is that the answers to these questions are simple; you just have to ask the right person or company.

The thought that you have to have some special talent to be one of the elite in our industry haunts us as I know it did me when I started as a sales consultant many years ago. Many believe that the superstars in the marketplace are like the stars at sports that we dreamt of being one of at school. The belief was that they had “something special” Many of us actually believed that their success or failure was based on some mythical ingredient that we may or may not have been lucky enough to be born with. For too many people considering their own entry to our industry or struggling to produce results this belief remains.

How stupid is that?

The reality I know, after many years in this industry, working with and alongside many elite level performers, is that the difference between the people who don’t succeed and those who achieve outrageous success is that, in most cases, the successful people and companies just work harder than all the rest, they surround themselves with people who are as committed as they are, they make sure that the team they are part of has great values, support each other, and everyone in the team has an unrelenting expectation of personal and team performance.

I look at many in our industry going through a really tough period and questioning if they have lost the magic. My advice is simple, have a good look at yourselves, ask someone you trust and respect if you are carrying out the right activities at the right intensity and then act on their answers.

Success has nothing to do with special talent or a magic ingredient; it has everything to do with hard work and an unrelenting personal expectation of performance.

I have a very real fear that our industry will lose some outstanding individuals through this tough market due to lack of self confidence and through lack of mentoring, coaching and company support structures.

If you are battling with self doubt, are questioning if you have lost the magic, are wondering if perhaps you have been a fraud and only achieved what you did in the past through the “something special” then get help!

The market we have right now is one with massive career opportunities for those prepared to ask themselves the hard questions and then act on the answers.

If you have the questions, are prepared to act on the answers, but don’t have anyone to ask then drop me an email and I’ll try to help no matter where you are or which brand you work under. No matter if you currently own a business, are a sales consultant or property manager or perhaps not even in our industry yet.

I know that having people alongside me prepared to do this has made the difference in my career; it opened my eyes to opportunities I never dreamed of having available and dispelled the “something special” myth forever.

If I could help someone do the same I would enjoy the opportunity.

  1. deon says:

    Thank you for this, very much inspirational

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